Committed to helping you get vaccinated safely.

Completely Redesigned To Help You Meet COVID-19 Related Challenges

In light of COVID-19, we have completely redesigned to better serve the unique need for the most vulnerable patients to get their flu shot safely at clinics going above and beyond “standard” safety measures.

Until the conclusion of this public health emergency, we are dedicated to assist patients who are more at-risk for COVID-19 related complications with clinics that are going the extra mile in cleanliness, safety protocols, and more.

The small things matter. Our network of partners offers services that include:

  • Enforcing physical distancing throughout the patient journey.
  • Eliminating the need to spend time in waiting rooms.
  • Changing masks between patient visits
  • Dedicating clinic hours to flu-shot administration only, eliminating the risk of exposure to patients who are sick.
  • and much more!

You may have a condition that makes you more at risk for contracting and/or suffering from complications due to COVID-19 than other patients. We can help you find a clinic near you that takes the utmost precautions so that you can get your influenza vaccination safely.

Need Help?

For Patients

Find the best and safest way to get a flu shot amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

You want the clinic that fits you, depending on your unique health considerations, so that you can receive your flu shot with confidence. Our network of partners offers services that include enforcing physical distancing to getting rid of waiting rooms to extra steps in cleanliness, and more.

Want To Help?

For Clinics

Let patients know you are top-notch when it comes to safe, clean conditions.

Let patients know you go the extra mile for safe, clean conditions. If your clinic offers flu shots, we can help you – free of charge – be recognized for providing advanced standard health procedures and streamlining patient flow.