Committed to helping you get vaccinated safely.

In light of COVID-19, we have completely redesigned to better serve the unique and unprecedented need for the most vulnerable patients to safely get their flu shot at clinics going above and beyond “standard” safety measures.

Until the conclusion of this public health emergency, we are dedicated to assist patients who are more at-risk for COVID-19 related complications with clinics that are going the extra mile in cleanliness, safety protocols, and more.


Connect With Patients

Are you a clinic that considers itself top of the line when it comes to protecting patients from the spread of COVID-19, going beyond even current protocols? needs you. We can connect you with patients via our vast network and help you serve them and this country during these unprecedented times.

Partner with and give your patients confidence in what you do. Please register so we can recommend you to patients in your area. This service is 100 percent free. We are actively seeking clinics for the most vulnerable patients.

Stay Supplied

If you need assistance in procuring doses of the influenza vaccination, we can help. When you partner with us, you are bringing to bear the full influence of and its many associated clinics and medical personnel. Contact us today to learn the full benefits to your clinic of joining forces to reach more patients who need their annual flu shots.

Keep Standards in Place helps patients screen medical facilities to find the best clinics to meet their needs. In the age of COVID-19, safety is of particular concern. You can stay ready to accept more patients by keeping in mind what your clients want to experience:

  • Sites that clean all rooms and surfaces thoroughly between patients
  • Staffers who change masks between patients to maximize safety
  • Clinics where protocol is followed, including requiring all visitors and patients to wear masks
  • Staff which has adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) at hand
  • Well-ventilated facilities that exceed just basic standards
  • Locations where common areas are frequently cleaned

Don’t Delay

Flu season is well under way, and vaccination is in the spotlight more so at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Register with us today to best serve the largest pool of patients possible!

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